Name Bob Week
Affiliation Bohannan Lab, University of Oregon
Title Postdoctoral Researcher
Email bweek.ecoevo[at]proton[dot]me


  • 2022 - ?
    Postdoctoral Researcher
    The Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Oregon
    Extending evolutionary theory for traits jointly determined by host genotype and host microbiome
    • Holobiont
    • Host-Microbe
    • Breeders Equation
  • 2020 - 2022
    Postdoctoral Researcher
    Department of Integrative Biology, Michigan State University
    Developed mathematical and computational approaches to understand coevolution in continuous space
    • Coevolution
    • Continuous Space
    • SPDE
  • 2018 - 2018
    Visiting Scientist
    P.J. CaraDonna Lab, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
    Field ecology training on estimating floral abundance and phenology, recording plant-pollinator interactions and estimating percent cover
    • Mutualistic Networks
    • Plant-Pollinator
    • Community Ecology